Woman publicly shames linkedin creep

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A UK woman has shut down and publicly shamed a user who attempted to chat her up on professional networking site LinkedIn.

You are beautiful, a user named Dermot Conway wrote in a private message to marketing consultant Abigail McAlpine earlier this month.

This is a professional website, please act like a professional, she replied.

A simple thank you would have sufficed hunni, he wrote back. Be more nice. This is a nice website for nice people.

Ms McAlpine hit back: Youre misinformed, the LinkedIn mission statement is to connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful.

Not use it to message women the same you would on Tinder without the need to match them, because its irrelevant whether they want your attention or not, they should be thankful for your compliments on their looks on a professional website.

Im not grateful for your comment, I find it entirely unprofessional that youre using this platform to message women, so why would I thank you?

Ms McAlpine then posted a screenshot of the exchange on her profile with the message: Please do not use this website like Tinder, I dont invite these comments with my profile or my work. I dont care if its blunt, its not what LinkedIn is for. Its becoming far too common.

The post has attracted nearly 3000 comments and more than 20,000 likes, with many female users reporting similar experiences on the site.

Completely agree, wrote Lilly Braham.

We work hard in our respective fields and wish to network with other professionals, then someone starts messaging you things like how are you baby doll, or I would love to take you to dinner. This is not a dating website. I strongly feel those individuals should be removed from LinkedIn.

Linda Tran added: I encounter this on almost every social media platform and couldnt agree with you more.

Others debated whether she should have publicly shamed the man.

While I will certainly agree that his message to you was unprofessional, and that a woman (or man) should not be subjected to messages such as these in a forum not designed or designated for dating or looking to date, I would also say that posting his message for everyone to see and comment on is far more unprofessional, wrote Jeffrey Furtado.

He is guilty of exercising poor judgment and of being rude. You have now made yourself guilty of both of those, and far more.

News.com.au has contacted Ms McAlpine and LinkedIn for comment. The LinkedIn account for Dermot Conway appears to have been deactivated.